The Challenge

How could Santia make sure its online presence better reflected its entire service offer and could support its international growth plans, without overloading internal resources?

The Idea

Replace six individual web domains with four coordinated sites, adding ecommerce facilities and centralized management. Stakeholder interviews during planning made sure the site would deliver a responsive, customer-focused experience.

The Result

A CMS has enabled Santia to control costs by bringing site-wide content updates and maintenance tasks in-house. Online activities can now be integrated with CRM and other business tools. For users simpler navigation, clearer content and ecommerce options are making it easier to do business with Santia online.

Working with Oakwood enabled Santia to access the essential skills we needed. Together we’ve achieved our aim of creating a powerful web engine that drives customer engagement in a measurable way.

Tonia Smreczak, Head of Marketing, Santia Consulting

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