The Royal Mint Vancouver

The Royal Mint Vancouver

The Challenge

The Royal Mint has developed ultra-durable plated technology making it more cost-effective for countries to replace lower value banknotes with coins. But at an international currency conference in Vancouver dominated by suppliers of banknotes, how could the The Royal Mint engage the world’s central banks and issuing authorities?

The Idea

In a place where delegates would expect banknotes, we’d bring them coins – and on an epic scale. A giant 4m-tall coin arch represented the world’s biggest and best mint. Its edge demonstrated superior plating technology in cross-section. Meanwhile its inner surface evidenced a 1000 year-plus timeline of experience. A map made from coins promoted global reach, topped off by a promotional video running on HD screens along the back wall. And the stand was supported by a wealth of materials and an exclusive evening event at the Vancouver Lookout Tower.

The Result

From initial planning to final delivery the project took 7 months, including sourcing and vetting suppliers in Vancouver. With Oakwood project managing the job, the final production remained true to the original concept. As a result the stand made a great impression at the conference, inviting positive feedback from people at all levels (even the contractors constructing a competitor’s stand!)

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