Weatherford 2014 Annual Report

Weatherford 2014 Annual Report

The Challenge

To move Weatherford’s annual report from its long-established print format over to a digital platform, in a bid to go beyond its traditional shareholder target market and engage new audiences.

The Idea

Rather than reproducing printed content online, Oakwood aimed to make the most of the enhanced user experience that digital could deliver. Taking inspiration from outside the oil & gas arena, we employed responsive design, video and animated infographics to bring financial content to life. And importantly Weatherford employees could submit and vote on photographic content via social media.

The Result

The report has evolved into a global, multi-channel PR campaign to promote Weatherford’s financial results, with a fully responsive site at its core. In the first week alone the site had 4,000 unique visitors and over 19,000 page views. And in contrast to a printed annual report, stats now show 17.85% of people are accessing this financial content via their mobile devices, with an unprecedented 11.5% of all users arriving from social channels. Weatherford has taken great steps forward in how it communicates corporate information in a more creative and compelling way.

collaboration between digital and design teams

Oakwood truly worked in collaboration with Weatherford on the 2014 Annual Report becoming an extension of our Investor Relations and Corporate Communications team throughout this 6-month project. From the initial creative concepts through to the responsive digital design, Oakwood has taken us on a journey to create an outstanding and engaging digital annual report that has brought Weatherford to life for employees, shareholders, clients and our peers. Never before has the true essence of Weatherford’s culture and mission been more apparent. Oakwood really has raised the bar for Weatherford and Annual Reports within the oil and gas industry and beyond.

Kelley Hughes
Corporate Communications Manager
Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

Annual Report pack

2014 Annual Report pack sent out to shareholders promoting the URL alongside the company's financials.

Website on various devices

2014 Digital Annual Report

Website homepage

The long scroll site design reflects the extensive nature of the Weatherford offer and their direct and transparent approach to this year's report.

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