The Science of Effective Creativity – WTF?

The Science of Effective Creativity – WTF?

Sure, science and creativity make a catchy headline. But what does it mean?

Well, here at Oakwood we use science and data throughout our creative process in order to maximise our work’s effectiveness for both our consumer-focused and corporate clients. It enables us to understand why people make decisions and act the way they do. It provides insight with confidence so that we can connect with our audiences in deeper and longer lasting ways.

Through a mix of commercial strategy and behavioural psychology, we investigate and define our clients’ specific business problems, separating reality from perceived wisdom. This enables us to focus our research and from it draw insights and build clearer and more compelling ideas. We use scientific rigour to help build the right experiments in order to test and analyse the work, and then help shape execution and measure impact.

We also use behavioural science in our cultural transformation work, enabling us to understand the motivations, rewards, decision making processes and resistance to change within the workplace so that together we can implement more innovative and productive environments.

There. Not so discombobulating really.

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