The Summer Student Placement begins

The Summer Student Placement begins

Every summer we have a few months of students coming in to the office which is something we really enjoy. This year our first student was Joe Copas from Gloucester Uni studying Creative Advertising, who was amazing and great to have in the office.  He's written a little blog of his expereince with us at Oakwood Towers!

"My Oakwood experience started with a warm welcome from Rosie and Jodie in reception, followed by a swift trip upstairs to start the morning briefing from the client services team and Phil. The morning briefing being something I soon got used to each day, (just as much as the high consumption of tea and coffee).

I quickly picked up the structure of the day and I was off doing my first brief. Although I was joining the team on a very busy couple weeks, everyone was friendly and helpful, which made me feel really comfortable in the working environment. 

My time at Oakwood has been a valuable experience for me in terms of knowing the set up of agencies and the communication between departments to keep everything running smoothly. I’ve also developed some important design skills along with receiving a few tips and tricks here and there on software which will be beneficial to me in projects to come.

Something I’ll definitely take with me into the future is knowing the kind of agency I want to work for and hopefully it’ll be one with a similar atmosphere to Oakwood. The laughing and joking around helped you through the day stay upbeat and I really admired that. Having said this, they did take their work seriously and seeing them in action was great. Knowing just how the research in to the design, and then receiving the amendments worked and how they dealt with it was invaluable to discover.

Album of the day was of course a very important moment of each day and for many the highlight. I had the honour of being able to pick an album of my choice in the second week which was of course awesome. 

Working on big names in briefs has been very eye opening to what the big brands want and expect of agencies, and to what kind of standard of work this involves. 

Overall my time here at Oakwood has been really good and to be honest i’m gutted for it to end. It has definitely boosted my confidence in my ability to learn and improve upon my skills. Also the fact that I still want to work in the industry is a bonus!

So lastly, thanks to everyone at Oakwood for making me feel welcome and at home and thanks for making it a very enjoyable experience!" - Joe

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