Why Mums Are Secretly Super Heroes

Why Mums Are Secretly Super Heroes

She may look harmless. She may look like any other modern woman. She may have her hands full - running around after her kids; tired, harassed… but does mum have a ‘super’ secret?

How does she do it? How does an innocent looking mum - push chair in one hand, nappy bag in the other - manage to stay on top of so many responsibilities?

They say if you want to get something done, give it to a busy mum.

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No… it’s super mum and here’s what she can do:

She’s a health and safety ninja

Our recent survey of over 600 UK mums found that her biggest concern as a parent is keeping her kids healthy and safe.

She will do everything in her power to keep her kids out of harm’s way by stopping them from eating disgusting stuff; like packaging and air freshener, or being sick from eating too many sweets, or doing stupid things!

She has a cast iron conscience

Once she’s made sure her kids are safe and healthy, her only concern for herself is that she’s getting it right. Like all the best superheroes, mum just wants to do the right thing.

She has super-duper soothing powers

While the kids are influenced by peer group pressure, pervasive advertising, what they see on TV, and friends in the playground - mum is far more concerned about how the kids are feeling than what they have.

We found that mum measures wealth differently to her kids. She’s motivated by keeping them happy, so is imbued with the power to make everything all right in the end. She has many weapons at her disposal; but sometimes, she still has to buy her way out of trouble.

Her careers advice will save the world

The overwhelming majority of mums in our recent survey said that the most important thing to them about the future careers of their children was that they were happy. Becoming a doctor came a distant second - but presumably, only if being a doctor would make their children happy?

The world but be a much better place if everyone was happy in their work.

Your mission here is yet to be fulfilled, mum – keep fighting the good fight.

She is digital warrior

Mums are becoming increasingly worried about the world their children will grow up in and the threats of the internet and social media.

Her kids are spending less time watching traditional TV and more time on the internet watching shows with more and more ads on display to capture their attention, and driving ‘pester power’.

Mum’s powers of negotiation and persuasion are constantly fighting the battle with the kryptonite of pester power.

She’s selfless in the face of adversity

Whatever happens, mum will always put her kids first. Of the mums who took part in our survey, most were third or even fourth in the pecking order of priorities.

Mum always thinks of the children first; then her partner or husband, then her wider family - before thinking of herself.

Whatever mischief her kids get into, their needs, wants, desires and wellbeing will always come first.

Mum might think her kids are number one - but especially on mother’s day - we all know that really, mum is the number one superhero.

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