PR and reputation management dedicated to carbon change

Partnering with Cutbill Jacoby, a leading PR and reputation management agency dedicated to decarbonising big industry enhances our service offerings, enabling us to provide our clients with a more comprehensive suite of 'always on' communications and commercial counsel services. These services include:

  • Thought Leadership: Together we will position your company as an industry authority through insightful commentary and influential perspectives. This includes creating thought-provoking Op-Eds, hosting webinars, securing speaking engagements, and crafting compelling articles and interviews for top-tier media outlets.
  • Media Strategy & Creative News Generation: Our new partnership can develop and deliver comprehensive 'always on' communications plans that effectively engage media outlets and generate impactful news coverage. Outputs include press releases, media pitches, and engagement with journalists and influencers on social media platforms.
  • Crisis and Issues Management: We can now provide swift, strategic responses to mitigate risks and protect your reputation. Together our services include crisis communication protocols, key messaging preparation, spokesperson training, and 24/7 monitoring and rapid response support.
  • Content Strategy and Development: Through our 'always on' partnership we can now add to our robust messaging frameworks, with compelling opinion articles, press releases, and social media posts. We will develop comprehensive content calendars to ensure consistent, high-quality content across all channels, including your website, blog, email newsletters, and social media platforms.
  • Brand Storytelling: We can craft narratives that enhance your brand’s identity and foster deeper connections with your stakeholders 24/7.
  • Multimedia campaigns: Including video content, infographics, and case studies, along with social media storytelling and influencer partnerships.


Photograph of Andy Cutbill

Andy Cutbill

Andy is a multi award-winning strategic communications expert with 25 years experience working for, and creatively leading, some of the world’s most respected innovation and digital agencies. He has helped brands face off disruption and start-ups game-change their industries. 



Photograph of Georgie Cutbill

Georgie Cutbill

Georgie is a skilled and experienced brand consultant who has worked for some of the UK’s most well-respected branding agencies. Delivering projects anchored in qualitative and quantitative audience data with brand positioning that directly corresponds to the target market’s demographics, attitude and behaviours.



Charlie Jacoby

Charlie is a crisis management specialist and began his media career in 1984, working across newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio in the UK and USA. As a founder member of Cutbill Jacoby, Charlie also produces a YouTube show with 10 million viewers and advises on social media policy for major companies, including developing sponsorship and crowdfunding models. 


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