Warner Bros. Iconic Moments packaging

Thinking big What was the brief?

Warner Bros.’s back catalogue of well-known titles is vast with some of the most memorable films in history. From Mad Max to The Matrix, these titles, when placed on shelf, have very little pickup for reasons including digital downloads, On Demand services and simply too many people owning the title already. This creates a significant challenge: how do you make these old masterpieces sell off shelf? Our brief was to look at refreshing the pack design of multiple titles driving demand and
incremental sales.

Acting bold What did we do?

We created demand by leveraging ‘collectability’, uniting the titles under a single proposition and identity. We found each film had an ‘Iconic Moment’ – a famous quote or memorable image that had entered the national psyche and stayed with viewers for years. We wrapped each title with a sleeve that pulled on that key iconic moment in both quote and image. Isolating these on a relevant and contemporary colour background gave them stand out on shelf. Each title’s quote had a sympathetic typographic treatment to ensure the film’s genre was maintained. This look was then supported through our retail and advertising campaign to support the launch.

Driving impact What were the results?

  • 30,000 unit sales in the first two weeks
  • All titles outperforming original estimated sales figures
  • Empty sleeves currently selling on eBay for more than the price of the new DVD
  • One of the most successful Warner Bros. campaigns in recent years














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