Weatherford: Online Annual Report

Thinking big What was the brief?

Weatherford, one of the world’s largest multinational oilfield service companies and an Oakwood client of five years, asked us to create their 2016 Annual Report with the objectives of sharing the company’s strategic achievements and of highlighting its priorities for 2017 across multiple media.

Acting bold What did we do?

From insights collected over three different continents, our solution was an online experience that pushed the annual report beyond an information download for shareholders, to a video-rich, mobile-first tool designed to meaningfully engage the workforce and deeply connect with clients. A solution designed to be highly effective in every environment – at work, in the field and at home.

In announcing the launch, we created an internal brand ambassador campaign, empowering employees to push information out to clients and colleagues via email. In addition, a social media and multimedia news release allowed Weatherford to highlight key features within the report and provide an all-in-one package to better attract influencers and news channels.

Driving impact What were the results?

  • Engaged employees from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the US, Canada and Latin America
  • Received repeated visits from 63 key client organisations doubling the 2015 Annual Report final count
  • 108% increase in home page views
  • 252% increase in time spent on the sustainability section
  • 9.43 minute average time spent on the Employee Photo contest page










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  • Top 10 international B2B marcomms agencies 2018
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