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MediPhorum by BioPhorum

Helping BioPhorum to better connect the MedTech industry

A new brand that empowers the business to transition into the leading medical device collaboration partner.

Introducing a range of activities focused on medical technologies and device suppliers prompted BioPhorum to launch a brand that would resonate with organisations in this space. We worked with the BioPhorum team to re-launch its MedTech activities and target the broader Medical Technology Industry.

We provided an updated name, brand and messaging platform to support BioPhorum's future goals, while communicating the fundamentals and benefits of the newly-minted MediPhorum in a clear and consistent way. In turn, the introduction of MediPhorum serves to reinforce the perception that BioPhorum are the ‘go to’ partner for a consultancy service to accelerate the rate of industry change.

Once created, we helped BioPhorum manage the transition from the MedTech of today to the MediPhorum of tomorrow.

“Oakwood has helped us to create a framework for a new brand that empowers the business to transition into becoming the leading medical technology collaboration. We have developed a strong set of messages that will not only help to communicate our unique approach, but the value we create for our members and the wider industry.”
Claire Astle, Head of Communications